How to apply for housing using the Homes for Bolton website

1. Registration

To apply for social housing in Bolton you need to complete an online application form by clicking on the Register button at the top of the page.

Please note this involves a pre-assessment which will provide you with options relevant to your circumstances. You will need to complete a full housing application after the pre-assessment if you wish to continue. This will follow on after your action plan.

If you are struggling with the online form or need assistance with accessing the service, contact the Homes for Bolton team

 2. Assessment

When we have received your electronic form we will make an assessment of your circumstances and award the appropriate banding.  In certain circumstances we may ask you to provide additional evidence

For a full breakdown of the Bands please view the Allocations Policy

 3. Bidding

Once your application is live you will be able to start bidding on properties. You may have a maximum of two bids at any one time. If you have any queries about a bid please contact the housing association who manages the property for more details.

New properties are advertised every day and you can place bids for properties on this website by logging into your application, click on the login tab at the top of the page.

You can also set up property alerts to receive an email when a property in your required area is advertised, to remind you to log into the site and bid.

Homes Available Now do not require bids and do not count towards your two weekly bids. You can contact landlords directly about 'Homes available now' or private rented properties to give you extra opportunities.

4. Offer

Properties will normally be offered to the household with the highest banding.

If there are two or more households with the same banding, priority will be given to the applicant that has been in that banding the longest (this is called the priority date)

Before making an offer, the landlord advertising the property may make further checks or ask you to provide additional evidence.

Once you have received an offer you will be given an opportunity to view the property.  This will help you decide if you wish to accept the property.

Accessing the Service

If you do not have access to a computer and the internet you can access self-service computers and free internet access at:-

Bolton Town Hall – One Stop Shop

UCAN Centre’s

Bolton Library