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To apply for housing, you can complete an application here


The application form is in two parts

Part 1 – Pre-assessment - This section is a pre-assessment which will provide you with options relevant to your circumstances. The answers you give will be used to create a personalised plan showing the best options for you based on your circumstances. It will give an indication of whether you will qualify for the housing register. Based on your action plan results, you should decide whether to continue.

Part 2 – Full application - You will need to complete a full housing application after the pre-assessment if you wish to continue. You will need an email address to create a full application.

Available properties will be advertised on the Homes for Bolton website
Look through the available properties on the website and select the property you wish to bid on. You will need to be logged in to place a bid.


When you find a property that you are interested in, we suggest you know or visit the area before expressing an interest and check to make sure you meet the criteria for that property. Criteria may be for a family or single person or other household make up. You will be asked to confirm your household make up if you are shortlisted for a property. If you don’t meet the criteria it will be rejected.


If it is a Choice Based Lettings property you can place a bid on it, if it is an Express or Private Landlord property there are contact details on the advert and you can call or e-mail them directly.
Enter your log in details here. You will only be able to log in if you have completed the Housing Register Application Form.


You must have a valid email address to register. If you do not have an e-mail address here are some links below to providers that will have you up and running in no time.



  • GMail - this link will take you to the Google Mail site where you can set-up your own e-mail account
  • Hotmail - this link will take you to the Microsoft Hotmail site where you can set-up your own email account
  • YahooMail- this link will take you to the Yahoo Mail site where you can set-up your own e-mail account


You will need your email address each time you log into your account.
There is advice in the above question 'How do I log in?' which may help you if you are having trouble logging in.


It may be a browser issue - try typing in the address into your search engine rather than using a 'favourite' link.


If you continue to experience issues with logging in contact the Homes for Bolton Team.
Choice Based Lettings is a transparent method for allocating social housing in which home seekers play a proactive part. Rather than being placed on a waiting list and allocated a social home which may not be appropriate or desirable for them, applicants ‘bid’ or 'express an interest' for available properties advertised by the local authority or housing scheme. Please see Bolton Council's Allocation Policy for further information.
This means you want to put forward an interest in a property we have advertised. When you place a bid you are then placed on a shortlist for that property. Your position on this shortlist will depend on your band and your date of registration. You must meet the criteria for the property you are interested in.
You can have two active bids at any one time.


You can contact landlords directly about the Homes Available Now to give you extra opportunities.
Homes for Bolton is a name for Bolton’s choice based lettings service which advertises properties on behalf of its partner landlords.


Only applicants who have registered with Homes for Bolton will be eligible for these choice based lettings properties.


All applicants can contact landlords regarding Homes for Bolton's Homes Available Now
When you make a bid on a property, a shortlist is created of everyone who is interested in that home.


This list is based on the Band (see more about bands in What band am I in and why?) and if more than one person have the same band then the date you registered is taken into account.


The person with the highest band and/or longest registration date and who meets the criteria for the property is the person who is likely to be offered the property. However the landlord will carry out checks and references.
The landlord for that property will contact you by telephone, e-mail or letter making an initial offer of the property. It is vitally important that you ensure that your contact details are correct before you confirm your bid as if they are out of date you may miss out on the offer. You will be able to view the property before you accept it. You can also view the status of the shortlists on your account by looking at your current and previous bids.
You can check your previous bids 24 hours a day on your account. You will be able to see the status of the shortlist once the advert is closed. This is helpful to see if the landlord is still shortlisting, if you have been offered or if the property has been offered to someone else. If you have any queries about a bid please contact the housing association who manages the property for more details. In the Bid History section if you have been rejected you can hover over the word to find the reason. You may be able to hover over the word
The landlord will advise you what they need from you before they confirm the property is definitely yours. This could include a reference from your landlord or employer, housing benefit form or other details. If you require further information please contact your local housing service.

Help is available at the following services


  • Visit your local UCAN centre
  • Visit the Customer Support Team Surgery at the Town Hall
  • Call the Homes for Bolton team
You have been placed in a band based on the information provided in your housing application.


You can view Bolton Council's Allocation Policy for more information on banding. Alternatively, you can contact the Homes for Bolton team
Bolton Housing Options can assist you with : • Negotiating with your landlord • Addressing your arrears • Advising on Welfare Benefits and maximising your income • Assistance and representation at County Court • A referral to Money Advice to help sort out any debts you may have. If you live in the Bolton area – please contact Housing Options on 01204 335900 or email your query to
Visit the Housing Options Team at the Town Hall’s One Stop Shop.
Many properties are advertised over one week but some are advertised on a flexible cycle so keep checking the site for new adverts and the number of days until the advert closes.
If you are made an offer of a property you will be contacted by the landlord/housing association who manage the property.


If you have placed a bid they will contact you through the details you leave when confirming the bid so it is vital that these contact details are up to date. If you have left your details for one of the Homes Available Now properties, the landlord will contact you in response to your enquiry.


All offers are subject to a number of checks so please make sure that the tenancy has been confirmed by the new landlord before you terminate your current arrangement, as there are occasions when offers have to be withdrawn or essential repairs may extend the time until you can move in.


If you have any queries relating to offers always contact the organisation that made you the offer.
A mutual exchange (also sometimes called a tenancy exchange) allows you to swap your home with another council or housing association tenant anywhere in the UK. Tenants arrange mutual exchanges themselves, often with the help of mutual exchange websites. Contact your landlord for more information.
All household members must provide their NI number when registering. All household members over the age of 18 can only be on one housing application at a given time. If you are already on another housing application then you will not be able to continue. If this is not the case, and you haven’t already applied, but the system does not allow your NI number then please email with proof of your NI number and a member of the team will look into this for you.
To log in you will need your email address and password that you entered when completing the application form. If this does not work, your application may be being processed. If you do not hear anything in the next few days then please email with your name and reference number and a member of team will look into this for you.
After logging in, you may update your contact numbers or email address by clicking on the edit button on the Your Application page. If you wish to update any other details on your application please click 'Have your Circumstances Changed?' You can then complete the change of circumstances form which will resemble the original application form. Please note that submitted change of circumstances forms will need to be validated by the Homes for Bolton team and will mean your application is inactive until processed.